'Neighbourhood Watch Onstage'


Workshop Trainer: Anne Wilson

Cost: $450

Duration: 5 hours

Location: Your school venue

Up to 25 participants per session



Share in the discoveries made during the play's 2015 season at Bondi Pavilion.


This course includes a free viewing of the archival footage from the 2015 production and a detailed student handout including all workshop activities and supplementary information.


In the session, students will be involved in viewing archival footage followed by discussion and practical exploration through improvisation and scene work exercises. Students will gain a deeper dramaturgical understanding of the relationships within the text, examining the psychology and objectives the characters. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on a range of directorial approaches available to them in their own theatre making as well as those made by Susanna Dowling in the 2015 production. The style, structure and conventions of the play will be addressed within the theoretical framework of the HSC Essay.



Trainer Bio:

Anne Wilson has taught the HSC syllabus for over a decade and has worked in a variety of settings including primary and secondary schools, corporate and community groups. Anne specialises in improvisation, trained by Impro Australia as both a teacher and performer. Anne is a producer and performer for Illuminate Educate. She performed the role of ‘Catherine’ under the direction of Susanna Dowling in the 2015 production at Bondi Pavilion Theatre. 



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