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Neighbourhood Watch

by Lally Katz



Lend Lease Darling Quarter Theatre


19th- 24th July 2017 


Illuminate Educate's acclaimed production returns for a second season with

Monkey Baa Theatre  

Wed 19 July  4pm

Thu 20 July  10.30am and 4pm

Fri 21 July 10.30am and 7pm

Sat 22 July  2pm and 7pm

Mon 24 July  10.30am and 4pm



"Vhen I first arrive to the Austral I got noting. Noting. No von cent. No friend. No family. No good clothings. But I still very glamour. That’s Ana”


Ana, an 80- year- old Hungarian- Australian widow has many stories to share, whether you’re ready to hear them or not.


An unlikely bond is formed on Mary Street as Ana befriends her estranged neighbour Catherine, a scatterbrained aspiring actor. As the two share their stories, wisdom and wounds, they immerse themselves in the world of war torn Hungary in search of a better understanding of what it means to truly be “in the life”.

Nominated for the 2011 Helpmann Award for Best Theatre, Neighbourhood Watch is a celebration of the humour, strength and friendship that can rise out of tragedy. The charming tale of an odd couple who prove that it is never too late to bridge the divide between age, culture, and the suburban fence. 

On the express request of Lally Katz, and according to their licensing, Illuminate Educate will be performing a revised edition of Neighbourhood Watch.

Please note that this includes some edits and some character names have been altered.

The show duration is approximately 2 hrs, including interval.

An optional Q&A will run for 15mins duration on completition of weekday matinee performances.

Creative Team

& 'Catherine'

Director, Second Season

Original Director, First Season

Composer & 'Gypsy/ Chemist'

Set & Costume Design

 Lighting Design

Stage & Production Manager

Construction Team- Dylan Brayshaw & Jordan Connelley
Design and Technical Assistant- Sunil Chandra

Dialect Coach- Linda Nicholls- Gidley

"Such a great experience, not just for the students studying the play, but also for a general audience. Directorial and design choices allowed for a very fluid production - the transitions between 'now' and 'Hungary' were particularly effective. It was impressive how a small cast were able to create such an atmosphere during Ana's stories, sweeping us into the past along with Katherine. The performances were also strong, from all actors. This production gave the students a new appreciation for the play, as well as lots to write about in their essays."Nicole Bonfield, Relieving Head Teacher, Creative & Performing Arts, Penrith Academically Selective High School


"The touring production  was simply outstanding. It really did 'illuminate' and stimulate the students' knowledge, understanding and learning of the play in performance. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Illuminate Educate and can't wait to welcome them back for another production. Bravo Anne and cast/crew"

DiAnne McDonald, Head of Drama Brigidene College St Ives.


"An engaging representation of the connections and disconnections which typify Katz view of contemporary society. Beautifully staged with stunning characterisation. Thanks to the Illuminate Educate team for evoking Ana and Catherine's worlds"

Karen Partington, Monte Sant' Angelo Mercy College.

"Illuminate Educate's production provided my students with the ideal platform to discuss Katz's play.

The fresh interpretation of the text and the cast's ability to grasp the complexities of the work were first

class. An incredible day at the theatre for my class!"

Greg Friend, Head of Drama PLC Croydon.

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